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MFA Precision Advantage Program includes the following tools:



·  Grid Soil Sampling (2.5 acre grids)

·  Fertility Maps – (OM, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfer,  Zinc, pH, & CEC)

·  VRT – Variable Rate Application (Fertilizer & Aglime)

·  Yield Monitors & GPS Receivers – Sales, Service, Installation



With MFA Precision Advantage Program you will:

          Identify field nutrient level and variability

(Grid Sample 2.5 ac. Grids)


            Correct pH Levels

            (Variable Rate Lime ASAP)


            Build P & K levels toward optimum levels

            (Years 1 through 4)


Retest Field


Maintenance levels of P & K

Putting a high yield system in place in every field insures that you can take advantage of good growing seasons when they occur.  The best approach is to plan for a good year every year and constantly try to identify the next potential limiting factor.  If soil test are not maintained at the high level, the potential benefits of that good year can be missed opportunity and a cost instead of a savings. Dr. Harold Reetz, PPI



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